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Creating jobs, developing skill

A permanent job with a decent salary is an effective way out of poverty. How to boost growth in the labour market should thus be an essential question for policy makers.

Existing research and knowledge can help policymakers choose the best way forward. In close cooperation with our partners in Ethiopia and Tanzania, we have created this platform to highlight important policy challenges and show how research can be best utilised to solve them.

The network focuses on three types of policy issues:

Creation of new jobs

  • What is the government and donor role in job creation?
  • How can a country secure a balanced transition out of agriculture?
    • Balanced growth in both urban and rural areas
    • Inclusive growth with permanent jobs also for low-skilled workers
  • Impact of labour market programmes
  • How getting a job changes a life

Well functioning labour markets

  • Access to jobs for the poor and marginalised, including women
  • Minimize the economic and social costs of labor migration

Improved competence for workers

  • How can the productivity of subsistence farmers be improved?
  • How can the incomes of labor migrants be improved?
  • The effect of different types of skill training and supplemental programmes